What if my container is damaged and requires repair?
Call the Public Works Department, we can determine if the product warranty will cover the repair. Do not attempt to repair the bin yourself as it could void the warranty. The Public Works staff can easily do most common repairs, or provide you with replacement parts at no expense.

May I write on the recycling bin?
Yes! You are encouraged to write your address on the white panel that appears on the left side of the bin. This will help identify your bin should it become lost. Please place only your address on the recycle bin.

May I use the blue recycling bin on wheels for trash.
No, never place trash in any recycling container. Never discard hazardous materials with household trash.

Must my recycling materials be sorted?

What should I do if my recycling bin is lost or stolen?
Report the loss to the Public Works Department at (219) 365-4655, and at that time arrangements can be made for you to purchase a replacement recycling container.

What day is garbage pickup?
Garbage day is every Monday. Garbage should be out by 6:00 a.m. Monday morning.

What day is recycling pickup?
Recycling day is every Monday. Recycling should be out by 6:00 a.m. Monday morning.

What about holidays, how does that effect my garbage and recycling pickup day?
Recycling and garbage pickup is delayed a day when a NATIONAL HOLIDAY falls on a Monday.

New Years Day, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, 4th of July, Labor Day and Memorial Day. When one of these days occurs on a Monday your garbage and recycling will be picked up on the Tuesday of that week. Both recycling and garbage needs to be out by 6:00 a.m.

Does the Town have an electronics recycling program?
Yes we do. Click Here for more information.

Does the Town pick up large items?
No, the Town does not pick up large items. Republic Services will pick up one large item on Monday during regular garbage collection. Examples include a chair, couch, mattress, etc. Electronics should be brought to the Public Works facility for recycling Monday through Friday 9AM to 2PM. Republic Services will pick up appliances with freon for an additional charge. Republic Services will also pick up large items. Please contact Republic Services to make arrangements for pick up at 662-8600.

I do a lot of recycling; can I have another recycle bin?
You may purchase additional blue 30 gallon recycle tote from the Clerk’s Office for $50.00. Bins

What do I do with small bushes that I removed from my yard?
Remove the roots from the bushes and place the roots in your regular garbage. The remaining bush will be collected during branch collection and placed in the chipper.

What if my blue 30 gallon recycle bin is broken, lost or stolen?
If your bin is broken, call Public Works to schedule a repair. Unfortunately, lost or stolen bins are not replaced by the Town. If you still wish to continue recycling, you would have to purchase another one.

Does our refuse company pickup leaves?
No, land fills will not allow leaves to be dumped in them. The Town has a leaf collection program that runs twice a year. Click here for the dates.

Does the Town have a dumpster I can put things in?
Yes, the dumpster is accessible for St. John residents only on Saturdays from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM. Please report to the Police Station to show identification and they will allow access.

How do I dispose of household hazard waste materials?
Hazard waste items like tires, railroad ties, roofing shingles, motor oil, paint etc. can be disposed at one of the Lake County Solid Waste Management District sites. Call for a schedule 800-946-4449.

When does leaf collection start?
Spring leaf collection begins in April and fall collection is October through the end of November. Exact dates for these collections will be posted in the spring flyer that will be mailed to every home.

Do leaves need to be bagged?
No, residents with curbs are asked to place leaves along the edge of the curb, but not in the curb. Residents whose street have no curbs are asked to place their leaves on the grass parkway directly behind the curb, please avoid putting them behind mailboxes or around street signs Leaves should be loose. Leaves that are bagged or in containers will not get picked up.

When does branch collection start?
In April, there will be 2 designated weeks for branch collection. Thereafter, branches will be collected one week each month beginning in May and ending in September. In October, there will be 2 designated weeks ending collection for the year. Exact dates for these collections will be posted in the spring flyer that will be mailed to every home. The dates are also posted on the Town’s calendar.

What size branches are acceptable?
Branches must be at least 48 inches in length. Anything shorter should be cut up and deposited in a bag or open container for the Town’s regular trash collection. Branches can be up to 10″ in diameter. Do not bundle or place in bags.
Grass clippings should be placed in trash bags and marked as such or in your regular trash container (not to exceed 35 lbs) and placed at curb for regular trash pickup. No special bags are required.

What do I do with small twigs, bush clippings, old flowers, etc.?
These items are considered yard waste and can be placed in an open bag or container and deposited in the regular weekly trash collection. If placed in a bag please mark YARD WASTE. No special bags are required.

Do I need a water softener?
No, getting a water softener is a personal choice.

What is the hardness of our drinking water?
38 grains.

Why does my water smell like eggs or sulfur?
St. John’s water does not have an odor, the coil in your hot water tank most likely has a crack in it which would cause both your hot and cold water to appear to have that odor. You need to contact your builder, plumber or purchase a new hot water tank.

Why does my water have a rust color or why is my water yellow?
This is usually caused by a water main break near you and should clear itself up within 48 hours from when you have noticed it. We recommend you do not wash your white clothes at this time. Should it continue past the 48 hours, please contact the Public Works Department. In the summer time if you live in area where there is a high volume of irrigation (sprinklers) systems being used you will also experience discoloration.

Will the Town restore the areas that were disturbed due to water main breaks, sewer breaks, projects, etc.?
Yes, the Town will replace sod, seed, concrete, asphalt or any other type of surface that was damaged. With water main and sewer breaks it could take several months to do restoration, due to the depth of the repair. We need to let the ground settle before completing the restoration.

Does the Town of St. John have Lake Michigan water?
No, the Town sits on two different water sheds. The town has three deep wells that feed two water treatment plants which supply water to the residents of the town.

Can I park vehicles on the street when it snows?
No, once it starts snowing or sleeting there is no parking allowed on residential streets. There are snow signs posted at the entrances of all subdivisions.

Who is our garbage and recycling contractor?
Republic Services, (219) 662-8600

Before I fill up my pool who do I call?
You should contact the Clerk Treasurer’s Office