Citations written by the St. John Police Department are the Universal Traffic Ticket used by many agencies within the State of Indiana. Since other departments use this type of citation, make sure that you are dealing with the correct agency that issued the ticket. Check the Citation in the areas highlighted in blue in the sample. This will indicate which agency issued the citation.

St. John Police issue two different types of citations, 1) State Statute or 2) Local Ordinance. Check the citation in the area highlighted in yellow in the sample. This will indicate what type of citation you are dealing with.

State Statue Citations are processed immediately and forwarded to the Lake County Clerk. You will receive a card in the mail in a few weeks with your court date and citation information. You can locate information online at the Clerk of the Circuit Court’s website. Frequently asked questions regarding your State Statute Citation can be located in the FAQon the Clerk’s website.

Local Ordinance Citations can be paid locally at the Town of St John Clerk Treasurer’s Office within 14 days. After 14 days, the citation is forwarded to the Lake County Clerk to be assigned a court date. Moving violations written under ordinance 511 may be eligible for enrollment in the infraction deferral program. The officer will provide you with a pamphlet outlining the program when the citation is issued. You can also locate the same information on the Police Department’s 511 Ordinance webpage.