How can I pay my utility bill?

The Clerk-Treasurer’s Office offers “pay your way” services, so you can pay your utility bills how you want, when you want. We accept the following payment methods: pay-online, pay-by-text, pay-by-phone, pay-by-mail or pay-in-person at the Clerk’s office. Our pay-by-phone number is 1-844-725-6780. There is a $2.85 service fee for credit card payments. E-Checks/ACH payments are at no cost.

Will my utility bill be considered late if I put it into the night drop box after hours on the 15th of the month?

No, after hour deposits that are secured from the drop box that is emptied daily every business day at 8:00 a.m. will have the payment posted with the date of the preceding day and be on time. Therefore bill payment is on time.

My utility bill is due on the 15th and that is a holiday so do I have until the 16th of the month to make my payment and be on time?

No, the utility bills are always due on the 15th of every month; an extra day is not added to the due date because of any holiday. Only when a payment is placed in the night drop box after 5:00 p.m. on the 15th and before 8:00 a.m. on the 16th of the month will it be posted as on time. The Utility bills can be paid through the mail, in person at the clerk’s office, placed in the night drop, or paid by Credit Card.

I am moving into town and need to know what to do to get my water turned on in my name.

A meter deposit is required for all residential and commercial customers. By contacting the clerk’s office either by phone or in person with your anticipated date for service to commence, all pertinent information is taken for this change over. Information is also provided regarding the billing/payment cycle, garbage pick-up and related matters to make your transition to St. John a little less stressful.

How much is my utility bill and why is it always so much?

By calling the clerk’s office and after verification of the account holder, the amount due information will be provided. If you have a question regarding a high bill and/or consumption usage, the history of the account is reviewed. If there are no reported leaks by the customer or other unexplainable reasons for the high consumption, you will be referred to the Public Works Department to schedule an appointment for a courtesy visit. Water Conservation Kits for detection of water leaks are also available upon request.

Can I get an adjustment on my sewer portion of my bill before May 15th or after the September 15th for summer sprinkling usage?

Yes, with the proper documentation and following the procedure established regarding swimming pool fills and/or new lawns/landscape installations. Contact the clerk’s office for information before proceeding.

Can I have the phone numbers for the Town Council President and members?

Callers wishing to speak to the Town Council President or Town Council Members are forwarded directly to the Town Manager’s office. If the caller is reluctant to be transferred, the caller’s name and the number is requested and this information is immediately hand delivered to the Town Manager’s office.