A Building Permit is required for constructing or placement of a Shed. The cost of a Building Permit for constructing a Shed is: $35.00. If there will be electrical service to the Shed, additional fees apply.

Restrictions – The structure must be:

  1. No larger than the maximum size of 160 square feet (as in a 10′ X 16′ structure), maximum height is 14 feet, from the finished grade to the top of roof ridge.
  2. Must be built at least 5 feet inside the property lines from the side or rear of the property line. It must be placed behind the primary structure on the property and cannot be placed on a designated easement.
  3. Refer to the covenant agreement with your deed for any special rules that may apply to your subdivision. These rules are enforced by your Developer or Homeowners Association and are separate from the Towns requirements.
  4. Shed must be 6 feet MINIMUM from the homes foundation wall.


  1. One copy of the Engineering, Architectural or Manufacturers plans must be submitted showing actual construction proposed including cement piers or concrete pads and the method of attaching the Shed to the Piers or Pad. All plans must be approved by the St. John Building Commissioner.
  2. Two (2) copies of the plat of survey showing the Shed in respect to the primary structure and reflecting the Sheds dimensions.
  3. A completed Building Permit Application form including the names of licensed Contractors or Electricians who will perform the work. If there will be electrical service to the Shed you must use an Electrician who is licensed to work in the Town of St. John. You may obtain a list of licensed Electricians from the Building & Planning Office.

Building Permits require at least TWO (2) working days to process. You will be notified by telephone when the permit is ready. At that time, costs will be confirmed so you may bring the proper payment. All Building Permit fees must be paid in full before the Permit can be issued. Permit placards must be displayed in the window of the primary building where the Shed is being constructed.

Any questions can be directed to Building & Planning Department at (219) 365-5301 option 5.

NOTE: You may NOT use the Shed for any reason until the structure has PASSED ALL mandatory inspections by the St. John Building Commissioner and/or Electrical Inspector. Violations can result in fines or revocation of the structure Building Permit.

Inspections must be ordered by clicking here in the following order:
1) Pre-Pour Concrete Flat work (if applicable)
2) Building Final Building/Plumbing/HVAC: Call when the shed is in place.