An Building Permit is required for installing an In Ground Pool, or a Spa Unit. The cost of the Building Permit for this is $330.00. This fee includes zoning, electrical, and stormwater permit costs.

Restrictions – The In Ground Pool or Spa Unit must be:

  1. In accordance with the Indiana State Swimming Pool Code, Town of St. John Zoning Ordinance and the National Electrical Code (see Electrical Inspections for Pools or Spas).
  2. Located behind the primary structure on the property with at least 10 feet from side or rear property lines and 20 feet from an existing residence on adjacent property. An In-Ground Pool or Spa Unit may not be located on a designated easement. Call 1-800-382-5544 to have all Utility locations checked PRIOR to digging.
  3. Equipped with an Approved Safety Cover (ASTM F1346 tag) OR fenced to a height of 6 feet from ground level to completely surround the In-Ground Pool or Spa Unit. If an Approved Safety Cover is used, it must be in place and locked whenever the property owner is not at home. If fenced it must include either a self-closing or latching gate capable of being locked whenever the In-Ground Pool or Spa Unit is not in use. Call 1-800-382-5544 to have all Utility locations checked PRIOR to digging.


  1. A completed Building Permit Application form including the names of Contractors and Electricians licensed to work in the Town of St. John who will perform the work. You may obtain a list of licensed Contractors and Electricians from the Building & Planning Office.
  2. One copy of the plat of survey showing the location of the In-Ground Pool or Spa Unit in respect to the property lines and the primary structure. This drawing must reflect the dimensions of the In-Ground Pool or Spa Unit and the locations of all electrical outlets, fixtures, meter boxes, light fixtures, fans or other electrical devices.

Building Permits require at least TWO (2) working days to process. You will be notified by telephone when the permit is ready. All Building Permit fees must be paid in full before the Permit can be issued. Permit placards must be displayed in the window of the primary building where the Pool is being constructed.

Any questions can be directed to Building & Planning Department at (219) 365-5301.

NOTE: POOL PERMITS ARE VALID FOR 60 DAYS ONLY. You may NOT occupy or use the Pool for any reason until the structure has PASSED ALL mandatory inspections by the St. John Building Commissioner and Electrical Inspector. Violations can result in fines or revocation of the structure Building Permit.

Inspections must be ordered by clicking here in the following order:
1) Building Pre-pour Footing / Plumbing Underground
2) Rough Electric / Electric Bonding-Pre-pour: leave trench open at least 1’
3) Plumbing Gas-line: leave trench open at least 1’
4) Building Pre-pour: depends on deck type
5) Final Electric: Call after all electric is complete
6) Building Final Building/Plumbing/HVAC Call when complete, Final Electric has passed and Pool is secured by Fence and/or Deck