A Building Permit is required for constructing a Garage. The cost of a Building Permit for constructing a Garage is:

$7.00 per thousand dollars estimated cost of construction. This figure does not include zoning, electrical or plumbing permits.

Restrictions –

  1. Detached residential garages in a residentially zoned area shall have a minimum of five (5) linear feet of side yard and five (5) linear feet of rear yard measured from the farthest projection or extension of the garage.
  2. The total square footage of all residential garages, whether attached or detached, shall not exceed 1,100 square feet per residential lot or parcel. Detached garages are prohibited on lots with a lot area less than one acre. If a lot is 30,000 square feet or larger in area, then an additional five hundred forty (540) square feet of garage area shall be allowed in addition to the allowable 1,100 square feet.
  3. Detached residential garages shall not exceed the lesser of 14′ or one story in height as measured from the existing grade to the roof peak of the structure. Attached residential garages shall not exceed the height of the highest ridge line of the residence to which said garage is attached. Further, no detached or attached residential garage shall have a finished ceiling height exceeding ten (10) feet from existing grade.
  4. No commercial storage or use shall be allowed in any garage in a Residential Zoned District.

Requirements –

  1. A copy of the Engineering Architectural plans must be submitted showing actual construction proposed, foundations, footings, cross sections and the dimensions of the Garage.
  2. A copy of the plat of survey showing the Garage in respect to the primary structure and its placement within the property boundaries.
  3. A completed Building Permit Application and Contractors Affidavit forms, including any Electrical Contractors is required. If electrical service will be added to the Garage, you must use an electrician licensed in the Town.

Building Permits require at least TWO (2) working days to process. You will be notified by telephone when the permit is ready. At that time, costs will be confirmed. All fees must be paid in full before the Permit is issued. Permit placards must be displayed in the window of the primary structure where the Garage is being built. Any questions can be directed to Building & Planning Department at (219) 365-5301 option 5.

NOTE: You may NOT occupy or use the Garage for any reason until the structure has PASSED ALL mandatory inspections by the St. John Building Commissioner and Electrical Inspector. Violations can result in fines or revocation o

Inspections must be ordered by clicking here in the following order:
1) Rough Electric: This must pass BEFORE the Rough Framing inspection is requested
2) Building Rough Framing: Inspection due before insulation is allowed; Rough plumbing and Rough HVAC MUST be ready at this inspection
3) Building Insulation: Inspection of installed insulation, upon approval structure can be dry-walled
4) Building Dry wall/Pre Tape: Inspection of proper installation of drywall
5) Final Electric: Inspection when all electrical work is complete AND must be inspected before Final Building/Plumbing/HVAC is requested
6) Building Final Building/Plumbing/HVAC: Final Plumbing and Final HVAC MUST be ready at this inspection