An Electrical Permit is require for existing residential electrical service to install an Above Ground Pool, In Ground Pool, or a Spa Unit

Restrictions – The Electrical Inspections must be:

  1. In accordance with all applicable articles of the National Electric Code 2002 with special attention to Article 680 and Article 300.
  2. You must use an Electrician who is licensed in the Town of St. John. A homeowner wishing to do his/her own electrical work for a Pool or Spa Unit is required to take and pass a Homeowners Electrical Test before a permit can be issued. You may arrange to take this test through the Building & Planning Department or you may obtain a list of Electricians already licensed in town.


  1. Bonding Inspection: done before the concrete around an In-Ground Pool. All metals parts and pieces must be bonded together.
  2. Underground Conduit Inspection: all conduit running in trenched must be inspected before it is covered over.
  3. Final Inspection: all motors must be wired and all bonding complete.
  4. Inspections should be called in by the Electrician or Electrical Contractor who performed the work. These inspections are done in conjunction to those required by the Building Commissioner.
  5. Electrical Inspections are done after 4:00 PM Weekdays. If any of the panels, electrical equipment, etc. are located inside your home, garage or other structure, you must be at home for the Inspector to gain access to these areas.

Requirements can be found in the Above Ground Pool and the In-Ground Pool or Spa Unit sheets.

Any questions can be directed to Building & Planning Department at (219) 365-5301 option 5.

NOTE: POOL PERMITS ARE VALID FOR 60 DAYS ONLY. You may NOT occupy or use the Pool for any reason until the structure has PASSED ALL mandatory inspections by the St. John Building Commissioner and Electrical Inspector. Violations can result in fines or revocation of the structure Building Permit.