A Building Permit is required for all Additions, Remodels, and Roofs. The cost of Building Permits for Additions and Remodels are:

Additions: $7.00 per thousand dollars estimated cost of construction, to include the cost of zoning permit, electrical and/or plumbing permit, plus any associated administration fees and “Escrow” monies as applicable.

Interior Remodels: Use the same fee structure as Additions.

Exterior Remodels: Non-Structural items (Siding, Gutters, Windows and Re-Roofs) are considered Maintenance.

Roofs: Use the same fee structure as Additions.


Room Additions

Engineering Architectural plans must be submitted showing actual construction proposed, footings and cross sections, completed Building Permit Application form, a plat of survey showing the Addition in respect to the primary structure. All plans must be approved by the St. John Building Commissioner.


Engineering Architectural plans submitted must reflect enough detail in order for the Building Commissioner to make a proper determination of approval. Completed Building Permit Application and Contractors Affidavit forms are also required.


Additions and Remodels must have State Design Release if applicable. Engineering Architectural plans must be submitted in detail, along with a Site Plan and a completed Building Permit Application and Contractors Affidavit form.


The maximum number of roofs that are allowed on a building is two. Once two roofs are on a building ALL layers must be removed down to the sheathing before a new roof is installed.

Building Permits require at least TWO (2) working days to process. You will be notified by telephone when the permit is ready. At that time, costs will be confirmed so you may bring the proper payment. All Building Permit fees must be paid in full before the Permit can be issued. Permit placards must be displayed in the window of the building where the Addition or Remodel is being done.

Any questions can be directed to Building & Planning Department at (219) 365-5301 option 5 then 1. NOTE: You may NOT occupy or use any Addition or Remodeled structure for any reason until the structure has PASSED ALL mandatory inspections by the St. John Building Commissioner and Electrical Inspector. Violations can result in fines, revocation of the structure Building Permit or forfeiture of Escrow.

Addition and Remodel Inspections:
Inspections must be ordered by clicking here in the following order:
1) Rough Electric: This must pass BEFORE the Rough Framing inspection is requested
2) Building Rough Framing: Inspection due before insulation is allowed; Rough plumbing and Rough HVAC MUST be ready at this inspection
3) Building Insulation: Inspection of installed insulation, upon approval structure can be dry-walled
4) Building Dry wall/Pre Tape: Inspection of proper installation of drywall
5) Final Electric: Inspection when all electrical work is complete AND must be inspected before Final Building/Plumbing/HVAC is requested
6) Building Final Building/Plumbing/HVAC: Final Plumbing and Final HVAC MUST be ready at this inspection

Roof Inspections:
Ice & Water Shield is required and shall extend 24” inside interior wall line. Drive by inspections only. No need to call when completed.