crosses at the shrine

The Shrine of Christ's Passion

The Shrine has been featured on CBS News, and on two world wide Christian TV networks!  As a guest walks the beautiful path they experience breathtaking scenes representing the last hours in the life of Christ from the Last Supper to the Ascension.  Original music reflects the mood at each scene where a guest can hear a meditation that corresponds to that moment in the life of Jesus. The Shrine is free of charge and nondenominational; it is loved by people of all faiths!


Founded in 1837, St. John, Indiana has been growing and developing into one of Northwest Indiana's finest places to live. Beautiful communities, attractions, and growing local and large businesses all over are just a few key features!


Whether you need to take a weekend to play some golf, spend some time reflecting at the Shrine of Christ's Passion half mile path, or simply take your dog (or cat!) on a walk throughout the bike/walk paths, St. John has it all and then some!


John and Johanna Hack, immigrants from Germany, the first known settlers of the town moved in around 1837. They were soon followed by many other families who helped grow the town, resources, and put in motion the steps to growing the community we have today.


Looking for a place to reflect, a group of people to surround yourself with, or a place for you or your family to get involved with local activities? St. John has a wide variety of churches for many different backgrounds.