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St. John Police Department - "Serving with Pride and Integrity"

Website Information

Our website is written in W3.CSS, a free and modern CSS framework that has built-in responsiveness without using any scripting (jQuery or JavaScript). This provides an extremely fast experience that renders equally regardless of the web-browser or device.

Each page of our site is validated for errors in the code, and pass with 100% before they are published. For validation, we use the W3C markup validation service.

Automation of our Police Data Initiative Data and our Regional Crime Report Map is performed by utilizing Crystal Reports which connects to our Records Management System. The scheduling and filtering of our data is perfomed using Logicity which schedules, runs, and updates our website with the appropriate Crystal Report.

The appropriate report is built along with the correct scheduling and location for the files to be saved; the updates occur nightly and are published to our website without user intervention.