St. John Indiana - Founded 1837

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Lake County Flyover and FIRM Maps

Sorry but the mapdata is not available at the moment due to a hard drive failure. I will remove this notice when it is available again.

The Town of St John is pleased to announce we are hosting a copy of the Lake County Flyover data. This data was collected between March 22, 2013 and April 5th, 2013. This data is in the public domain. We are also hosting a copy of the Lake County FIRM (Flood Insurance Rate Map) data. You can view and save individual files here. To download multiple files at once you can use Filezilla or any other sftp client. The connection information is:
host: s
port: 2222

The files in the Lake folder are VERY large so please download the Tile_Index folder first so you can easily download only the files you want. The total amount of data available from the flyover (Lake folder) is 381,794,406,400 bytes which is about 355GB. The FIRM data (Lake County FIRM folder) is only about 180MB.

Within the Tile_Index folder you will find 2 shapefiles:
LAKE_IN_TILE2500 - this is the index for the aerials
LAKE_IN_TILE5000 - this is the index file for the LIDAR (or .LAS) files

The folders that start with Elev13 contain LIDAR data. The folders that start with Ortho13 contain aerials photo data.