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February 25, 2016 Board of WaterWorks Minutes

Michael ForbesClerk-Treasurer, Beth Hernandez
Gregory VolkTown Manager, Steve Kil
Christian Jorgensen

Mr. Volk called the February 25, 2016, regular Waterworks Board meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Clerk Treasurer, Beth Hernandez took roll call with the following members present: Michael Forbes, Greg Volk, Christian Jorgensen. Attorney David Austgen was present. Town Manager, Steve Kil, was present.


Mr. Volk noted the meeting minutes were not available.

Mr. Forbes made a motion to defer the meeting minutes. Mr. Jorgensen seconded the motion. The motion was carried by voice vote (3/0). Ayes --- all. Nays --- none.

Mr. Volk noted there was no New Business.

Mr. Volk noted there were no reports or correspondence.

Mr. Volk stated the next item on the agenda was payment of the bills. He stated he had APVs in front of him, Water District APVs and Water Utility APVs. The total of the Water District bills, $18,463.22 and the Water Utility bills, $492,799.75. Mr. Volk asked if there were any questions on the bills.

Mr. Forbes noted that these were two separate dockets. Mr. Volk acknowledged there were two separate dockets.

Mr. Volk stated he would entertain a motion to authorize payment of the bills. Mr. Forbes made a motion to approve payment of the Water District APVs in the amount of $18,463.22 and the Water Utility APVs in the amount of $492,799.25. Mr. Jorgensen seconded the motion. Motion was carried unanimously by voice vote (3/0). Ayes---all. Nays---none.

Mr. Volk opened the floor to public comment related to the Waterworks Board only.

Joe Hero, 11723 South Oak Ridge Drive
Mr. Hero noted the agenda reflects “payment of the bills.” He stated if one goes to Schererville and looks at how things are done there, there is a line item for every bill that’s to be paid. Mr. Hero stated if there is to be transparency of what’s going on with money for this Board there should be, at least, a list of the bills, or a line item for each bill.

Mr. Hero asked the Board, “in the interest of transparency” to use a format other than “payment of the bills” which is too generic. He stated, if he wants to come in and ask for a public record of a certain bill to check the legitimacy of that bill, the Town’s format is too general of a statement. Mr. Hero stated the line item format would enable the citizens to see how the money is being spent. Mr. Hero reiterated that the line item format is used in Schererville “And that’s how real transparency should be so people can monitor the money that’s being spent.”

Mr. Forbes commented, for the record, he is now looking at a payment voucher from the Clerk-Treasurer’s office and this document lists every bill that was just approved for the Water and Utility Districts, referenced by start to finish check numbers. Mr. Forbes stated if anyone ever has any questions related to bill payments, they can go into the Clerk’s Office and obtain a copy of the docket.

Mr. Volk called for additional public comment. There was no further public comment. Mr. Volk closed the floor to public comment.

Mr. Volk stated he would entertain a motion to adjourn. “I’ll make that motion,” by Mr. Forbes. Mr. Jorgensen seconded the motion. The motion was carried by voice vote (3/0). Ayes --- all. Nays --- none. (The meeting adjourned at 7:05 p.m.)


Beth R. Hernandez