St. John Indiana - Founded 1837
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May 10, 2012 Town Council Minutes

Mr. Forbes called the meeting to order at 7:01 P.M. and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll call was taken with the following members present: Michael Forbes, President; Mark Barenie, Vice-President; Gregory Volk, Member; Ken Gembala, Member; Larry Bustamante, Member; David Austgen, Attorney; Steve Kil, Town Manager and Sherry Sury, Clerk-Treasurer. Also in attendance were Fred Frego, Police Chief and Fred Willman, Fire Chief. Absent was Chip Sobek, Parks Superintendent.

New Business

Consider Ordinance #1557, an ordinance amending Town Zoning Ordinance #1483, regarding refuse and recycling enclosure regulations ‐ Mr. Forbes stated that this is from the Plan Commission, a public hearing was held. Mr. Volk added that this changes the type of fencing that can be used by existing buildings. Discussion ensued. Mr. Gembala motioned to adopt Ordinance #1557. Seconded by Mr. Volk. Motion unanimously passed.

Ordinance #1558, an ordinance amending the master zoning map of the Town and providing a change of zone for Lake Central High School from C-2 Highway Commercial to P (Public) ‐ Mr. Forbes stated that this parcel will be used as a staging area during construction and as a parking lot after that. There was a public hearing held by the Plan Commission. Mr. Gembala motioned to adopt Ordinance #1558. Seconded by Mr. Barenie. Motion unanimously passed.

Reports & Correspondence

Town Council

Mr. Forbes stated that there will be triathlon in St. John this Saturday starting at 8:00 A.M.; streets will be closed depending upon the race action. Mr. Kil added that there will be policemen at the key intersections. Chief Frego stated that he went over the race route and that the race should be over by 11:00 A.M.

Mr. Forbes also stated that the MS4 Project is somewhat continuing; they have been stagnated by not getting the information they need from the County Surveyor's office. He would like to send another letter and this would be the third letter from him. Mr. Kil stated that he also sent the initial letter. They have not received a response from any of the letters. Mr. Barenie suggested that the letters be sent certified mail. Mr. Forbes stated that they should also mention cleaning the ditch in the Gates. Mr. Kil stated that he met with Dan from the Surveyor's office and they agreed the town would do the north side and the county the south side. The town has done their part and the county has not. Mr. Austgen suggested a personal visit to the surveyor's office prior to the third letter. He also stated that it is election time and officials are concerned with getting re-elected. He suggested that Mr. Gembala, who is a registered land surveyor, contact the surveyor's office for the information.

Mr. Forbes stated that Boy's Baseball wants to enter into a lease for the baseball fields. He has a copy of an agreement from the Town of Highland in the packet and would like Mr. Austgen to review that agreement. Mr. Forbes also stated that there is an agreement in the packet from Bryan Miller for the land (tower) lease for the antenna on 93rd Avenue. The proposal is to lease the land for $2,400.00; they are going to amend the agreement for $3,000.00 and ask for space on the tower for two antennas' one at 160 feet and one at 40 feet. Mr. Kil stated that the height of 160 feet will allow communication throughout the town. Mr. Austgen discussed some variables to look at with the tower contract negotiations.

Mr. Barenie summarized the first meeting of the Economic Committee Meeting held yesterday and also reminded everyone that the planning of the 175th Anniversary is ongoing; they have a “floor plan” of the events that will be held.

Mr. Volk referenced the discussion last month regarding reinstating the garbage dumpster at the salt barn and stated that a benefit of the trash pickup contract they are entitled to 104 dumpsters per year, the cost is rolled into the residents charge. Chief Frego stated that he has agreed to control the gate at the police station and verify residency. Discussion ensued.

Mr. Gembala stated that the parks are getting used; he said there are a lot of people fishing and a lot of out of State cars parked there on weekends. He asked if there are any regulations regarding that. Discussion ensued.

Clerk-Treasurer ‐ None

Staff ‐ None

Public Comment

John Rainwater, 8737 North Oakwood Drive ‐ stated that he was here before regarding the power problems with NIPSCO and that he has spoken with someone at NIPSCO who said they are looking at acquiring property for another substation. Mr. Rainwater is concerned it could take two to five years for the substation to be installed. Mr. Forbes stated that they just spoke with NIPSCO and the fact that they are putting Lake Central High School on its own substation is a benefit to the town as it reduces the load on the town. Discussion ensued.

Mr. Rainwater asked Chief Frego why the people on Wall Street sit in the left turn lane when they are going south; they need a sign there. Mr. Kil stated that the lane functions as a turning lane even though it is not painted that way. He will contact INDOT.

Fred Barr, 9653 Olcott Avenue (and property owner at 11050 West 97th Lane) ‐ stated that he would like to know what is going on at K-Mart and McDonald's in terms of economic development. Mr. Kil stated that Sears has a lease on the K-Mart property until October of this year. The owner of the other property is trying to sell the property and the vacant lot adjacent to it to McDonalds. Mr. Barr stated that he is concerned how the property can be developed with the traffic that already exists. Mr. Kil stated when the developer comes to the Plan Commission the traffic issues will be straightened out.

Adjournment ‐ Mr. Gembala motioned to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by Mr. Barenie. Motion unanimously passed. Meeting adjourned at 8:23 P.M.


/s/ Sherry P. Sury Clerk-Treasurer