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January 20, 2016 Plan Commission Minutes

Michael Forbes, PresidentStephen Kil, Town Manager
Gregory Volk, Vice-PresidentKenn Kraus, Town Engineer
Steve Kozel, SecretaryDavid Austgen, Town Attorney
Jim MaciejewskiMichael Muenich, Town Attorney
Jon Gill 
Jason Williams 
Bob Birlson 

Mr. Michael Forbes called to order the St. John Plan Commission Study Session on January 20, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.

Roll call was taken by Susan Wright, Recording Secretary, with the following Commissioners present: Michael Forbes, Steve Kozel, Jim Maciejewski, Jon Gill, Bob Birlson, Jason Williams, Greg Volk. Staff present: Kenn Kraus, Stephen Kil.

Mr. Forbes asked for a motion to defer the meeting minutes. “So moved,” by Mr. Kozel. Mr. Volk seconded the motion. The motion was carried by voice vote (6/0). Aye --- all. Nays --- none. Ayes --- all. Nays --- none.


A. DANCING WATERS – Phase 2 – Review of Proposed Development Plan (Mr. Dennis Meyers)

Mr. Forbes advised that although we have discussed this development in previous study sessions, this is the first time we are seeing actual drawings on this phase of the development. Just for your orientation, up on the screen, down on the corner Bingo Lake, this development is on the northern boundary of that and east of U.S. 41.

Mr. Dennis Meyers of Meyers Development introduced himself to the board, here to present a preliminary drawing, we have not done architectural drawings on these buildings yet. I wanted your comment and suggestions to see if this is something you want us to proceed with.

[Mr. Meyers walked to the screen area] Mr. Meyers advised that the original plat, which he has been working on the project with the Town for the past three years, has been approved, and we are underway on the first phase. Mr. Meyers pointed out the second phase on the screen. Mr. Meyers advised that he has been consulting with Doug Rettig of Land Technologies and we came up with the shown design. It is a skinny piece of ground and a real obstacle is there is a pipeline running through it (dark black line shown), and there is a fifty foot (50’) easement, 25’ on either side of the pipeline. They believe they have come up with a really good plan; five (5) buildings with a view of Bingo Lake, hopefully working with the Town to make it more attractive. My idea is two-story buildings and the second floor would be the living areas with big decks off the backend overlooking the lake. We also proposed to installed two or three large fountains, lit at night to make it attractive. Its approximately 4.5 acres, part of which is water.

We created a cul-de-sac which was not in the original drawings, but after the purchase of additional property we have the capability to do so.

Mr. Kozel asked what is the distance between the buildings and the wetlands. Mr. Meyers advised it is at about twenty feet (20’). Mr. Meyers reiterated that the living areas would be on the second floor; there would be a garage and a bonus room on the first floor, and a 10’ x 30’ balcony on the top level, two (2) bedrooms, around 1,500 to 1,600 square feet. These would be for the “empty nesters” in mind, not people with children. These are all smaller versions of what they have previously built.

Mr. Forbes advised in order to help the board members, there is currently discussion for a proposed business at the corner of U.S. 41 and Bingo Lake. Mr. Kil advised that he has a site plan of Levin Tire if they wished to see it on the screen. Mr. Forbes advised that it would help show the proposed frontage roadway should the other development come in, which would involve two (2) lots.

Mr. Meyers advised that he is familiar with building near or around pipelines, and one thing is certain is that they do not want a road on top of the pipeline; they will let you cross it, but do not want you to parallel to it or run on top. Discussion ensued as to the location of a frontage road that will accommodate the development in the future, conceptual at this time.

Mr. Meyers reiterated that if the concept he is proposing is something the board would like to see then he will proceed with engineering and additional information to present at a later date, including leaving room for a tie-in to a road, or leave it as a private road serving a high-end development of these homes. Additional general discussion continued on the future frontage road between the board members, Mr. Kil and Mr. Meyers.

Mr. Forbes noted that that Mr. Meyers could go ahead with the engineering as there were no objections or additional concerns from the board members.

B. CIRCLE K – Preliminary Review of Development Plan (Mr. Don Silver)

Mr. Don Silver of Circle K Real Estate Division introduced himself to the board members. Mr. Silver advised he is also here with his team, Mr. Mike Mathis, who designed our site, and Mr. Joe Carroll, who will be in charge of construction. Mr. Silver advised they are excited about their first prospect in the St. John community, and appreciate the opportunity.

Mr. Silver advised the site is the Southeast corner of 93rd and U.S. 41, it is currently owned by a bank, he advised there is an overlay and a site plan, but they have also brought renderings this evening to show the members. Mr. Silver was advised that he could connect his laptop to the meeting room screen from the podium access outlet. Mr. Silver also advised that there are “before” and “after” pictures of that location to display.

(talking in background, possibly petitioner talking by the display screen, inaudible)

Mr. Forbes asked if a site plan was available. Mr. Kil suggested a certain displayed to remain on the screen for the planners to review and comment.

Mr. Silver pointed to an area where there is space for a sidewalk, however he advised that they do not do that anymore, they do not have a “step up”. Mr. Silver talked in general terms of certain items noted on the screen.

Mr. Forbes advised Mr. Silver that this is very difficult for determination as they do not have any drawings in front of the planners for review.

Mr. Kozel asked about the distance between the entrance on U.S. 41 and the one for the bank right now, as it looks very close.

(at this point, several members have having discussions amongst themselves regarding paper copies presented)

Mr. Kil offered to put the site plan on the screen, noting that he did not know if it was the latest rendition of the proposal. After a discussion between Mr. Silver and Mr. Kil they determined that it was not the latest rendition; however, it was good enough for tonight’s discussion.

Mr. Forbes inquired, in relation to the overview of the 93rd and U.S. 41 intersection, the entrance East of the former dental office, the distance of same, from U.S. 41 to the canopy of Circle K is 40’. Mr. Forbes and Mr. Kil discussed the 60’ set-back from the right-of-way. Mr. Kil advised that they are aware that there are a lot of variances in which they will have to petition the Board of Zoning Appeals. Mr. Forbes wanted it noted that the canopy, by their definition is a structure, and by ordinance should be back at 60’. Mr. Kil calculated the actual store to be 130’ back.

Mr. Kraus noted that they are 40’ to the gas pump, so 60’ from property line to pump. Mr. Forbes advised that he was trying to get all the dimension straight. Mr. Silver advised that the canopy can be moved back farther, and that they were careful to keep cross-access to the bank and also to get to the recreational area to the back.

Mr. Forbes and Mr. Kil discussed the requirements: 45’ for rear yard according to the zoning district. Mr. Kil advised that he had discussed with Mr. Silver at length that this project would require a lot of variances for the project, and that they have not even gotten to the issue of signage. Mr. Forbes mentioned to one of the team members (unknown) that a monument sign, as well as a digital sign, both require action from the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Mr. Forbes and Mr. Kil noted that with a corner lot, the 93rd side setback would be 20’, and the other side that is next to the bank would be 10’, with a 45’ rear year yard.

Mr. Kozel stated that he is concerned with the ingress and egress of the site. Mr. Kil stated that he had discussed a 93rd entrance that was pushed way far to the East, and believed that was on one of the previous site plans.

Mr. Kil advised that along with this site, while looking up and down U.S. 41, it is a raised median that would have to go in, a turning lane, so if going southbound on U.S. 41, the developer would have to put in a designated turn lane, which would also access the bank site. Mr. Forbes asked if that meant a right-in and right-out only due to the fact of the raised median. Correct, it will not be a full access cut, and the traffic issue was discussed in full.

Mr. Silver said that there is a new INDOT plan, as he understands it, from U.S. 41 down to U.S. 231, for re-paving and center turn-lanes. Mr. Kil advised he got the letter from INDOT that said they were going to be surveying, which means there is not a specified date they would actually do the improvements. Mr. Silver stated that given that information or what Circle K would propose a decel lane on 93rd, and hopefully INDOT will make their improvements on U.S. 41, which would mean a right-in and right-out only, by virtue of a 300’ median placement.

Mr. Forbes advised that he can see the thoughts they have on the intersection, and we have had meetings with INDOT on U.S. 41 on several intersections, and we are still awaiting some action. Mr. Forbes noted that at this intersection there are a lot of accidents along this area and he would not like to add to those problems that already exist.

Mr. Silver advised that he cannot speak for the bank, that Circle K will do what they can on their part. Mr. Forbes felt that contacting the bank, which would benefit from certain improvements should be their first and best action. Discussion ensued concerning the bank owning the right-of-way and the shifting of the lanes over to accommodate improvements, that would shift traffic out of the through lanes.

After continued discussion in regards to INDOT and their timelines, Mr. Kil suggested that they go directly to INDOT and request their feedback. That way INDOT can tell you exactly what their plans are and they can say whether they like it, don’t like or have any suggestions. For INDOT to purchase right-of-way parcels would take them years and years.

Mr. Birlson asked Mr. Silver to point to the current exit onto 93rd Avenue on the screen.

Mr. Kozel asked if there was any way that they could turn the building 90˚ to make it work. Mr. Kozel was thinking of having the back of the building to 93rd Avenue. Discussion ensued and it was the consensus that having the building back on 93rd would be unsightly, or repositioning the primary structure. Mr. Kozel state his concern was the traffic flow, and to get it through to 93rd much easier.

Mr. Gill inquired as to the dimensions of the canopy, and discussion ensued amongst the board members, estimating it to be approximately 48’ x 160’.

Mr. Silver commented that he knows that there is a lot of work to be done on the plans; work on U.S. 41, move entrance to East farther, and overall site plan that addresses flows.

Mr. Forbes suggested that they go back to discuss with the bank and INDOT, reiterating that this intersection is a trouble spot and most accidents occur south of 93rd on U.S. 41, to Joliet Street. Noted that it was addressed in stat report of 27 accidents in a 3-year period, a lot of distractions with the Parish festivals, Donkin Donuts, the bank itself and the like.

Mr. Silver was also directed to have the engineering checked for storm water retention. Mr. Kil referred them to the pond behind the bank, but it would be the petitioner’s responsibility to have the calculations checked.

Board discussed various variances that will be required by the Board of Zoning Appeals. Mr. Forbes suggested that they acquire a lot more information so it can be presented to the BZA all at once, the set-backs, the signage issue. Continued discussion was directed as to parking. It was noted that the professional offices leased at the bank do not take up much parking, and this will be reviewed by Mr. Kraus once all that information is available.

Mr. Silver thanked the board for their input and will be coming back at future study sessions when additional planning details are available.

A. THE PRESERVES – Review of Development Plan and Primary Plat

Mr. Forbes advised that the next agenda item is The Preserves, it is located at 93rd and White Oak Avenue, all the way down to 101st Avenue on White Oak Avenue. The board will be looking at the preliminary plat of the entire subdivision, and the developer will final plat sections as they complete those respective sections.

Mr. Jack Slager of Schilling Development introduced himself and Mr. Scott Zajack. Mr. Slager advised he would give an overview of what has been occurring over the last eight months. Mr. Slager advised that they started out with annexation in May of last year, we began with some preliminary meetings and Plan Commission study sessions through July and August; requested permission to advertise, we did get re-zoning on this property to RC-1, and I will discuss that further.

Mr. Slager advised that they had the public hearing for the primary approval which occurred on December 2, 2015, and due to cancelations or lack of quorum, we are pushed back to the February 3rd meeting, so we will be back in two (2) weeks to continue the public hearing that was started back in November. Mr. Slager asked for the plan to be displayed on the meeting room screen.

Mr. Slager showed the entire site. North is at 93rd Avenue, East on White Oak Avenue, showing the entrance location on White Oak across from Rosewood Estates, another on 93rd across from Schillton Hills, and lastly one on 101st at the South end. Basically it is 423 single-family lots, no multi-family, no duplex, no townhomes, all single family. There is a variation of 80’, 100’, 120’ lots, trying to conserve as many trees and wetlands along the creek as we can. There are very nice wooded lots, he showed areas on the screen that are being preserved as wetlands.

So, we have 423 lots on 319 acres, our intention is to develop approximately 40 to 50 lots a year, for the next ten (10) years. This will be a long scale project. They Master Plan the entire development, then showing a rendition in yellow, Mr. Slager pointed out the first phase of approximately 57 lots with the entrance coming off of White Oak, then we would come in each time with a plat for a successive section.

Mr. Slager discussed the RC-1 zoning advising it is right out of the Zoning Ordinance, and the reason for the RC-1 PUD is to provide for the development of innovative residential environments by allowing a high degree of flexibility in the design of single-family subdivisions, encouraging more efficient use of the land through the introduction of open space and conservation land within residential areas, and protecting remaining significant natural features within the district by emphasizing less intensive suburban land uses. Mr. Slager stated that he believes this is the first area to use the RC-1 PUD zoning and there are many natural features that they want to preserve.

Mr. Slager advised that there are four (4) parcels combined to make this area; the Huppenthal Farm, which is 185 acres, The Herman Farm which is 80 acres, property that we already owned off 93rd which is 44 acres and The Buchmeier parcel which is 10 acres. Totaling 319 acres. Mr. Slager showed a density plan on the screen and advising it comes to 1.36 units per acre. We are preserving over 100 acres of natural space, along the creeks, woods, wetlands, so there will be this land set aside that is not developed. Mr. Slager compared this subdivision density to Schillton Hills.

Mr. Slager showed a park that is designated in the center of the development. Showing the areas homesteads and some of the trees that they will be keeping. A nice bike and walking path will be installed and weave along White Oak and along 93rd, and will ultimately will connect up to the existing bike path system that will take you to the Ice Arena down south. It will be an 8’ wide asphalt path that will wrap around the wetlands and through the trees; and in addition these designated lots (shown on screen) will be required to have a 7’ wide sidewalk on the front of their lot. Overall Mr. Slager advised that they have the best engineers working on the project, Manhard out of Illinois, and they are also working with the best wetland engineers, am working with Army Corp and DNR, making sure we preserve as much as possible.

Mr. Slager noted that they have been to no less than ten meetings and advertised three (3) times, regarding the annexation, re-zoning, public notices. Mr. Slager advised that they have listened to all the feedback from the public and noted that the primary concerns have been on traffic along White Oak, 93rd Avenue and 101st Avenue. Mr. Slager advised they are proposing, after looking at the Town’s Thoroughfare Plan, we are providing 45’ to 50’ of right-of-way on these three roads so that if in the future they need to be widened the right-of-way is there. The Thoroughfare Plan also noted connection to future development; which they have addressed, and new development should not allow driveways onto arterial or collector streets. All along White Oak and 93rd, there will be no driveways allowed from any of the lots, they will be all interior lots, there will be berming and landscaping along the backs of the lots to shield them. The entrance will be improved with accel and decel lanes, ultimately when we go to Phase 2, we are proposing to widen and improve the intersection of White Oak and 93rd Avenue with left turn lanes, when we go to Phase 3, we are proposing to improve 101st and White Oak with widening and left turn lanes; and then on final phase we will improve the entrance which will be directly across from Monix Drive in Schillton Hills.

First Group Engineering has been hired to do traffic counts. Mr. Forbes advised he saw them out there already. Mr. Slager advised they will analyze the traffic at the intersections and have a report to us in two weeks, by the next meeting. First Group will analyze the existing conditions of the roads and also the proposed conditions.

Mr. Slager advised that Schilling Development is dedicated to making this one of the nicest developments in the Town, and they have worked diligently to come up with a nice land plan, preserving as many natural features as we can. They put a high regard on architectural detail.

Mr. Williams asked about a “top portion”. Mr. Slager noted that that is 40 acres that will be preserved as a wetland complex, with walking trails and they want it to be a real feature. Mr. Kraus noted that it was the detention portion of Schillton Hills. Mr. Slager agreed and advised of plans to make it real nice with plantings and hopefully attracting bird wildlife.

Mr. Birlson asked about the entrance again for Phase 1. Mr. Slager pointed to the area of White Oak which is across from Rosewood and about 300’ South. Mr. Slager then pointed to the entrance off 93rd Avenue, across from Monix Drive, and again that will be a wide divided entry. We eliminated another entrance from White Oak based on feedback from the residents, as it may be used as a “cut through” to avoid the intersection. The third entrance will go across the creek and out to 101st Avenue.

Mr. Forbes commented that the lane improvements are key to this development, as they are improving three arterial roads.

Discussion ensued as to this development and its comparison with other developments where a Master Plan was proposed, with the development done in phases. Mr. Slager advised that this could possibly go more than fifteen (15) years before the last lot is done.

Mr. Williams asked about the difference between R-1 and RC-1. Mr. Slager advised the ultimate size of the house does not change between R-1 and RC-1, only the lot size, and all the rules apply otherwise to an R-1 zoning, so basically a same size house on a smaller lot. Mr. Slager advised they are looking at a price point of $400,000.00 to $600,000.00 home and lot packages. Based on the covenants that we put on the lots as to what can be built, that is the price point and even higher in some of the nicer areas.

Mr. Forbes inquired if they were the developers of Copper Creek in Crown point. Mr. Slager advised yes, however, those lots are 60’ x 130’. Mr. Forbes advised it was a nice development and suggested that the board members see for themselves.

Mr. Maciejewski asked Mr. Kil how many times White Oak has been repaved, as it has consistently been destroyed by construction, wanted to know who would be picking up the cost should this cause the same factors. Mr. Kil advised that Lake County and Olthof Development have done a lot on 101st. Mr. Forbes and Mr. Kil advised that with the annexation, we are closing the loop where we will be responsible for the maintenance.

Mr. Maciejewski asked about infrastructure impact with this development. Mr. Slager advised that there are a couple of issues that they will be solving. Rosewood has a 12” water main along White Oak and it ties into an 8” water main that continues up White Oak. Mr. Slager advised that they are going to finish that 12” water main loop, get it up to 93rd Avenue, and then we are going to finish the 12” loop South and tie-back in here (shown on screen).

Mr. Slager advised that in the future should the Town be looking at a well or a tower down South near the Ice Arena perhaps, that will allow that future water source to feed the North side of town up to the Kilkenny water tower. Basically we are filling in some missing pieces of the water lines by continuing the loop. Mr. Slager advised that the sanitary sewer, there is an 18” that runs through Rosewood and an 8” line, we are going to tie into that, and that will feed a good portion of this property through gravity, and ultimately another portion of the property will go up to the Lift Station No 4 on 93rd, and that will need an up-grade at some point in the future, probably at Phase 3 or 4.

Mr. Slager thanked the board and advised he would see them in a couple weeks.

B. EDENS COVE – Review of Development Plan / Rezone from R-1 to R-2

Mr. Forbes advised the next item is Eden’s Cove, it is a review of the Development Plan, they are scheduled for a Public Hearing, they are requesting a re-zone from R-1 to R-2. Mr. Forbes noted that they were not present.

Mr. Kil brought up the Site Plan on the meeting room screen. Mr. Forbes advised that the development is on Joliet Street, by Maginot Meadows. It is an eight (8) lot subdivision, and one of the lots is on Grasselli Street. Six (6) lots vary in sizes, they have not gotten into the hard geometry yet. Mr. Kil advised the screen shows just how the site will generally will layout. Mr. Forbes noted that Maginot Meadows is zoned R-2. Mr. Kil advised that this will be done by Dutch Mill, they build a very nice product.

Mr. Williams asked what is the difference between R-1 and R-2. Mr. Forbes explained briefly, and general discussion ensued as to various zoning matters.

C. CHERIES GARDEN – Site Plan Review

Mr. Forbes advised the next agenda item is Cheries Garden, it’s a daycare center in The Gates, north of St. John Liquors. Their business has grown and they want to expand.

Mr. Kil advised to give an orientation (showing site plan on screen), this parking lot, just south is St. John Liquors. The hashed-marked area is existing and they wish to put an addition on to the North. Basically they are doing so well that they want to put an addition on. They will be appearing before the board on February 3, 2016.

D. RENAISSANCE – Unit 7 / Final Plat Review

Mr. Forbes advised the next agenda item is Renaissance – Unit 7, Final Plat approval. Mr. Kil displayed the plat on the meeting room screen. Mr. Kil advised they are still working on Lot 498, 499 and 500. Mr. Forbes advised (for the newer board members) that they have Preliminary approval which allows them to put in infrastructure and improvements.

They need to come in for Final Plat approval in order to actually build structures. Renaissance was platted approximately 8-9 years ago. Mr. Forbes noted on the screen, showing the area that is Clarmonte Ridge subdivision to the West. Joliet Street is the southern boundary. With this development it will extend to make it line up with Parrish Avenue to make a cleaner – safer intersection for everyone. This is part of The Gates, which was purchased by the Renaissance group and they have been building it for years now.

Mr. Kil displayed a plan which showed what Unit 8 would look like, which is three (3) lots with a cul-de-sac. Mr. Forbes asked about back when this was purchased, there was supposed to be a bike trail all the way across the subdivision. Mr. Kil advised that particular topic needs to be brought up on February 3, 2016. The trail is to go along 101st (Joliet Street), the entire length of the subdivision, on the North side, between 405 on the south and 456 on the north, that is where it will cross over to connect to The Gates.

Mr. Forbes advised that secondary approval is pretty much easy, as they rely on Mr. Kraus to review the improvements and calculate any Letter of Credit needed and we pretty much rely on his recommendation.

E. THE GATES OF ST. JOHN – Unit 1 – Review of Rezone Request

Mr. Forbes advised the next item on the agenda is The Gates – Unit 1, Cheries Garden is going to be at the bottom of this next drawing. Mr. Kil noted the location on the meeting room screen. What was preliminary platted here was both sides of the street are zoned R-2. The units to the East are duplexes, and what the petitioner is requesting is to change from an R-2 zone to an R-3 zoning, because they want to build more of those duplexes. They are selling like crazy in that area. The current builder of the duplexes is McFarland and a different builder is coming in for this section. Mr. Gill stated it is Illiana Builders on this section.

Mr. Williams asked what the sizes were. Mr. Kil advised 84’ x 140’. Mr. Forbes noted that he is not requesting to change the size of the lots, just the zoning. The Gates is one giant Planned Unit Development. General discussion ensued about side yard set-backs that was talked about at an earlier meeting. Mr. Kil believes his proposal is to build duplexes all through there.

Mr. Kil advised that Mr. Lotton is on vacation, which is why he is not here tonight, but he will be here on February 3, 2016. Mr. Forbes noted that this was on last year’s agenda, but due to circumstances got bumped to this year. He will have architectural drawings at that time. Mr. Kil advised that he will e-mail all the board members the drawings as they are submitted.


Mr. Kil advised that Mr. Nick Georgiou is present to discuss a Wine Bar, although it was not an agenda item.

Mr. Georgiou introduced himself and thanked the board members for allowing him to speak tonight. Mr. Georgiou advised that at the December Study Session they presented a small project on U.S. 41, it is the old Meinzer & Babineux Office building. The owner who purchased the property is going to convert that to a Wine Bar and we presented a site plan. There are some variance issues required. It is a commercial building and has a shared driveway with the property to the North. The parking is in the back.

There are some variance issues, also they need to plat this as a one-lot subdivision as its current legal description is “meets and bounds”. The crux of the issue is access on U.S. 41, or access to the lot because they currently share the driveway which is only 17’ wide. To the South is Roger & Son Locksmiths and to the North is an abandoned house which is owned by First Financial, and they own the ATM to the North.

We were advised to go back and see if we can improve the access or look at options out the rear to Patterson Street and what we can do at 41. Mr. Kraus reviewed what was submitted, noting the parking was adequate, drainage impact was very minor. The owner has talked to First Financial, the commercial broker, and actually got a positive reception relative to acquiring property to the North.

Mr. Georgiou handed out paper copies of the latest rendering. First Financial responded they wanted the purchaser to tear down the house and garage, and spoke about the north parcel which is actually zoned R-1, which makes a weird situation, and First Financial also requested that they get the parcel zoned commercial. They were able to confirm that when you combined the INDOT driveway there, it is about 35’ wide. There is a 33’ wide drive that we can accomplish there, which would allow left out – right out. I did show potentially going out the back, but as a primary entrance that was not preferred and if we can maximize the U.S. 41 as the one joint access for both properties, that is really the direction that they would like to go. I am looking for feedback, checking for a favorable response in regards to the access issue, then the owner will have a more serious discussion with First Financial and the broker in trying to make this happen.

Mr. Forbes asked if First Financial was receptive to the rear access also. As a secondary, if this would go straight through it would be beneficial to both parties. Mr. Forbes advised that the width of this driveway make a huge difference in what was proposed before.

Mr. Forbes asked Mr. Kil if that portion of U.S. 41 was going to be striped with a center turn lane. Mr. Kil advised they have asked INDOT a lot about that issue and still does not know what they are going to do. Mr. Kil advised that Mr. Denny Cobb of First Group has checked that location and it meets all the criteria and width-wise for a bi-directional turn lane, but why INDOT won’t just allow it we don’t know.

Mr. Kozel inquired as to primary access, now that they have a rear access to Patterson Street. Mr. Georgiou advised that right now he is just proposing the 33’ wide full curb cut as the primary access. It also allows me to meet some of the side-yard setbacks, and a couple other things to resolve, other than they will still have to do the one-lot subdivision. If First Financial is willing to work with us this could be a win-win for both parties.

Mr. Williams asked if it would still look like a house. Mr. Georgiou said that it would. They have re-roofed and the inside would have a complete renovation and the exterior will be cleaned up significantly, they are looking for outdoor space, like a deck or patio associated with the business.

There focus with the liquor license is not as “a bar”. The patio would be to the rear and the south of the structure.

With no further questions from the board members, Mr. Georgiou advised he will go back to his client and see what can happen.

With no further items for the board, Mr. Forbes advised that they are officially adjourned.
(Meeting adjourned at 9:42 p.m.)

Respectfully Submitted:

Michelle L. Haluska, Recording Secretary pro-tem
St. John Plan Commission